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Tripoli Photo MarathonSaturday August 6 2016View PhotosSee Event Photos



Together we will take to the streets of Tripoli in order to collectively document the beauty and reality of the city we love; the moments, places, people and stories that make us proud, and the challenges that we face collectively.

This event is open to all interested individuals 18 years of age and above.


We have arranged a private bus for those of who are coming from Beirut!
Leaving Beirut at 8:00am from MTC Touch Building
Leaving Tripoli back to Beirut at 8:30pm


10:00am at Nawfal Palace (map)

-    Briefing by the organizers
-    Distribution of the first 4 themes
-    Screening of the award-winning short film “Belonging Tripoli” by Yahya Mourad

3:00pm at Rachid Karami Fair Ground (map)
-    Have lunch with us!
-    Upload first 4 photos on your FRAME LIFE profile
-    Receive the second set of 4 themes

8:00pm – Al Rabita al Sakafiya
-    Upload your second set of 4 photos
-    Meet and chat with the organizers and participants

After the Photo Marathon, we will exhibit the photos in Tripoli and invite the participants, citizens and members of the municipality for a discussion about the challenges facing the city using the photography as a tool for discussion. We will also feature the best and award-winning photos.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@frame.life

The Tripoli Photo Marathon is part of the Participatory Municipalities program, being implemented in cities across Lebanon.
Lebanese municipalities are often disconnected from citizens and there are few opportunities for open public participation in decision-making processes. FRAME and NAHNOO have partnered on the Participatory Municipalities project in order to create networks and channels for innovative and proactive dialogue and collaboration between citizens and elected municipal leaders in Tripoli.  For more information on Participatory Municipalities, check out the Facebook page.

Past Events

●    Take part with a digital camera or high quality mobile phone. Please bring necessary transfer devices with you (memory cards, USB's, etc.)
●    You must capture and upload 1 image for each of the given themes on your FRAME LIFE profile
●    Information on each photo must be recorded in the photographer notebook distributed by the organizers
●    All images that are submitted must be taken during the photo marathon
●    All images must be shot as JPEG files. RAW files will not be accepted
●    You are free to use flashes, filters and tripod
●    You are not permitted to do any major editing of the images or change any exif-data related to the images
●    Participants must by 18 years old and above

Stay safe and exercise good judgment in taking your photos. Remember that taking photos of security forces and military is prohibited in Lebanon. If you must, always ask before taking a photo of any sensitive site or neighborhoods. The organizers will have more information about the security situation and considerations during the briefing – please follow their advice.

Have fun out there!

قوانين المشاركة:

-          حيازة كاميرا رقمية  أو هاتف ذكي ذو قدرة تصويرية جيّدة. الرّجاء إحضار وسيلة لنقل الصور أيضاّ (Memory card, USB ...)

-          يجب تصوير وتحميل صورة واحدة على الأقل لكلّ من المواضيع التي سنعطيكم إياها في بداية النهار. يجرى التحميل على حسابكم الخاص في موقع FRAME LIFE.

-          تسجيل المعلومات المتعلّقة بكل صورة على دفتر المصوّر الذي سيوزّعه المنظمون في بداية النشاط.

-          لا يجب تحميل أي صورة ما لم تكن ملتقطة خلال الماراتون التصويري.

-          تأكد من أنّ جميع الصور محفّظة في فئة  JPEG. لا يمكن قبول أي صورة من فئة الRAW.

-          يسمح لكم باستخدام الفلاش، الفلاتر والمناصب ذي القوائم الثلاثة (TRIPOD).

-          من غير المسموح اللجوء الى التحرير الكبير للصور، أو تعديل/تغيير ال Exif-Data المتعلق بها.

-          يجب أن يكون المشارك قد بلغ الثامنة عشر من العمر (18).

ملاحظة مهمّة:

الرجاء الإنتباه الى سلامتكم واتخاذ القرارات الرشيدة بما يخص الصور. تذكّرو بأنه من الممنوع في القانون اللبناني التقاط اي صور للقوى الأمنية والعسكرية. إذا كان من الأساسي التقاط صور في مناطق أو أحياء "حسّاسة"، من المفضّل أخذ الإذن من المسؤولين عن المكان. سيزوّدكم المنظمون بكل المعلومات اللازمة لضمان أمنكم وسلامتكم خلال المقدّمة الصباحية للنشاط – الرجاء الإلتزام بنصائحهم.

نتمنّى لكم الإستمتاع بالنشاط!

Past Events

Ghada Waked
Ghada Waked is a Professor at the University of Balamand ALBA and Holy Spirit University of Kaslik. She is also President of Beirut's Biennial for the Image and founder of Albedo Creative Platform.

Stephen Gerard Kelly
Stephen Gerard Kelly is a photographer, videographer and photojournalist pioneering the shared space between Documentary, Conflict Research and Humanitarianism.  Having worked in over 50 countries, Stephen's ethos is rooted in powerful photography and videography around social justice and human rights issues facing under-represented, misunderstood and marginalized groups.  Through compassionately observing, meticulously researching and thoroughly understanding people, context and motivations, Stephen deepens our understanding of socioeconomic, environmental and political issues facing vulnerable individuals and communities on the fringes of an increasingly globalized world. 

Coupled with an MSc in Development Studies, he is naturally drawn towards fully understanding the real narrative at a deeper level.  Stephen's projects range from working with minority groups including Irish Travelling People (or Travellers/Travelers) to photographing human migration and its related challenges in Africa, to child labor in the Middle East, to documenting conflicts both locally and internationally.  His work has positively influenced government foreign policy and humanitarian aid delivery at the highest levels internationally, including the UK and US governments. 

Stephen's photography has been published in the Guardian, the New York Daily News, the Daily Telegraph, the Irish Evening Herald, the Irish Independent, the Courier Mail, the Advertiser, Polaris Images and ZUMA Press, now the world's largest independent press agency and wire service. 

Mira Minkara
After getting a degree in Tourist Guidance in 2002, Mira Minkara worked for years as a freelance Tourist Guide, an Assistant Manager and coordinator in NGOS in Tripoli and Beirut, and a customer professional in Prague (Czech Republic). She was co-organizer of the Spring Festival Beirut (2010), and was Beirut Art Center’s Communication Manager for four years.  Founding “Mira’s Guided Tours”, she currently organizes and leads tours around the Old City of Tripoli, The International Fair of Tripoli, and Mina. Mira lives between Beirut and Tripoli, her beloved hometown, as she can never live with one and not the other.

Read about Mira and her passion for Tripoli here.

Past Events

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