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Kabul Photo MarathonFriday March 31 2017View PhotosSee Event Photos





The first-ever Kabul Photo Marathon will be held 10 days after the Nourouz Celebration. Nourouz means “a new day” and AmazingAfghanistan, the Kabul Municipality, NETLINKS, want to show the world Kabul’s pride and challenges through the lens of those who know the city best - its residents.

Most of the people in Kabul  share the same Afghan culture and heritage and come from diverse races and tribes with varying cultures and traditions. We are bringing them together to document their communities and city. The diversity across Kabul makes for a valuable cross-cultural and cross-tribal initiative, using the powerful and universal language of photography as a tool for communication and dialogue across  languages and we want the world to see Kabul through our eyes.


9:00am: Meet at First Gathering Place
-    Briefing by the organizers
-    Distribution of the first 5 themes
-    Distribution of Identification Card to each photographer
-    Distribution of Coupon card (for lunch at Herat restaurant)

12:30pm: Meet at Second Gathering Place
-    Have lunch with us! Kabul Municipality | NETLINKS are happy to invite you to a fresh meal to re-energise!
-    Upload first 5 photos on your FRAME LIFE profile
-    Receive the second set of 5 themes

4:00pm: Meet at Third Gathering Place
-    Upload your final set of 5 photos
-    Meet and chat with the organizers and participants
-    Deliver the Identification cards (which are expired)

This event is open to all interested participants. Whether professional photographer, enthusiast, or you simply want to enjoy in a day exploring the city, join us to document Kabul!


Past Events

Take part with a digital camera or high quality mobile phone. Please bring necessary transfer devices with you (memory cards, USB's, etc.)

You must capture 10 images on all 10 themes (1 image per theme)

Information on each photo must be recorded in the photographer notebook distributed by the organizers and submitted at the upload locations

You may use flashes, filters, and tripods

All images must be shot as JPEG files. RAW files will not be accepted.

You are not permitted to edit the images, use any image-processing programs or use images that are not taken during Photo Marathon. You are not permitted to amend the filename or any exif-data related to the images.

For best results, images should be less then 2MB (to upload quickly)

Stay safe and exercise good judgment in taking your photos. Remember that taking photos of security forces and military is prohibited in some cities. If you must, always ask before taking a photo of any sensitive site or neighborhoods.

Past Events

Nafise Motlaq
Nafise Motlaq is an Iranian documentary photographer and also university communication lecturer. Her projects have been published is numerous media and exhibited in several exhibitions world wide. Nafise’s first photo book titled "A Given Path" was published in Malaysia in 2010 and has been selected as the best 50 titles for international rights. ‘Hope Investing’ is one of her recent projects and it is about a group of Afghan girls who are empowering their talents in physical arts in a social circus in Kabul. This project has been exhibited in five countries so far and awarded in the 2016 International Photography Awards. Nafise’s major interests in photography are women issues, interfaith dialogue and human rights.  

Shahpoor Sedaqat
Mr. Shapoor Sedaqat born in year 1981 in Kalfgan district of Takhar province. He migrated along with his family to Iran and returned back in 1993. He pursued his primary and secondary studies in Iran and continued his higher education in Cinema and theater department of Arts Faculty of Kabul University. Mr Sadaqat is the Director for Cultural Services Department of the Kabul Municipality. From the beginning of his activities until now Mr. Sedaqat has carried out following activities:
- Founder and acting Qoqnoos and Omed theatre groups in Iran
- Director and producer of Music programs of RTA from 2005 to  2006
- Director and Cameraman for Arts and Literature for six months from 2006
- head of check and censor goup of Films and Director of Broadcast in RTA from 2006 to 2007
- Responsible for Sports programs of RTA from 2007 to 2008
- General Manager of National Theater Archive from 2008 to 2010
- Head of Afghanistan National theater from 2010 to 2011
- responsible for Broadcasting directorate and acting head for Cable Networks of Kabul Municipality from 2011- 2016

Mariam Ghani
Mariam Ghani is an artist, writer, and filmmaker. Her work looks at places and moments where social, political, and cultural structures take on visible forms. Her projects in Kabul have included the interactive installation series Kabul: Partial Reconstructions (2002-7), the book Afghanistan: A Lexicon (2011), the two-channel video A Brief History of Collapses (2012), the long-term photography series Speculations (2006-2015), and the film and photo series The Seen Unseen (2016). Solo exhibitions include the Queens Museum of Art, the Saint Louis Art Museum, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Rogaland Kunstsenter, and the Gatchina Museum. Notable group exhibitions and screenings include the Rotterdam Film Festival, the Liverpool Biennial, the Sharjah Biennial, the Dhaka Art Summit, dOCUMENTA 13, the National Gallery in DC, the Secession in Vienna, the CCCB in Barcelona, and the Met Breuer, MoMA and the Guggenheim in New York. Recent texts have been published in Cultural Politics, Foreign Policy, Ibraaz, and the readers Critical Writing Ensembles, Dissonant Archives, The Gulf: High Culture, Hard Labor, and Social Medium: Artists Writing 2000-2015. Ghani holds a B.A. in Comparative Literature from NYU and an MFA from the School of Visual Arts, and has received a number of awards, grants and fellowships, most recently from Creative Capital. She teaches at Cooper Union. More at: mariamghani.com
David Fox
David is the founder and CEO of Afghanistan Monitoring & Research, a market research and media monitoring agency, as well as AMR Production. David been living in Afghanistan for four years, and has filmed and photographed for clients in nine Afghan provinces. David has produced media content for news outlets like Newsweek (United States), al-Jazeera (Qatar), and SBS (Australia), and has supported Afghan-based companies and NGOs with photo and video content for their communications needs. David’s clients include the Agha Khan Development Network, Afghanistan Holding Group, and NETLINKS, among others. 


Past Events

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