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Documenting Gender: Photo Action / BeirutSunday April 10 2016View PhotosSee Event Photos

"Gender refers to the socially constructed roles, behaviors, activities, and attributes that a given society considers appropriate for men and women."

What does it mean to be in this body? How should I behave? How should I relate to other bodies? Gender is how we interpret the body according to encultured beliefs and meanings.  Gender identity is distinct from sex or sexual orientation. While many societies are organized around a gender binary (man versus woman), our understanding of gender can shift along with cultural norms. The 'Documenting Gender' Collective Photo Action will explore what gender means today in the space of Beirut, and in Lebanon more broadly.

The Collective Photo Action will start with an evening of public presentations and conversation on gender. For the following three days participants will set out to document the topic through photography.


April 7 2016
7-9pm @ Beirut Digital District

Patrick Baz

Documenting a day in three transgender lives

Cosette Malouf
Gender and Cultural Norms: Then and Now

Dounia Salamé
Gender in public spaces: on fear and safety in the city


April 8-10

Participants will have three days to photograph a series of themes that relate directly to the gender issues that were discussed during the talk series. The photos will be uploaded onto photographer profiles on the FRAME platform. The Jury will choose two winners with consideration to the following:

Documentary value and interpretation of theme:
how well does the photo depict the theme it documents?

Overall Impression:
is the photo able to grab the viewer’s attention and hold it?

is the subject matter pictured in a unique way or is a common item shown from an interesting point-of-view? Does the photo demonstrate originality?

Technical Quality:
are the items of interest placed well in the photo? Is the photo in focus? Is lighting in balance? Is depth of field considered/used?


May 2016

FRAME LIFE issue no. 2 The magazine will include participant contributions/perspectives, features on the winning photography, and creative writing and journalistic pieces related to photographed themes.



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Take part with a digital camera or high quality mobile phone

You must capture 8 images on all 8 themes (1 image per theme)

All images must be shot between April 8 - 10 at midnight Beirut time. Winning images EXIF data will be examined

You may use flashes, filters, and tripods

All images must be shot as JPEG files. RAW files will not be accepted. For best results upload 2MB images (max)

*Note that taking photos of security and military personnel in Beirut is prohibited. Exercise caution, judgement, and ethics in taking your photos.

ةيمكن استعمال كاميرا رقمية او هاتف ذي جودة عالي

يجب التقاط 8 صور عن 8 مواضيع (صورة خاصة لكل موضوع)

على جميع الصور ان تكون مصورة بين 8 و 10 نيسان(منتصف الليل)  بالتوقيت المحلي لمدينة بيروت.  سيتم التأكد من المعلومات الرقمية للصور الرابحة

من المسموح استخدام الفلاش، فلاتر العدسات ومنصب ثلاثي القوائم (tripod).

على جميع الصور ان تكون مصورة على نظام JPEG.  الصور المأخوذة على نظام RAW غير مقبولة. للحصول على أفضل تجربة يرجى تحميل صور لا يتعدى حجمها 2MB (كحد أقصى)

يرجى اخذ العلم بأن تصوير وحدات الجيش وقوى الأمن وكل ما يتعلق بمراكزهم هي من المحظورات في لبنان. الرجاء اتخاذ الحيطة والتفكير مليا عند التصوير.

Past Events

Patrick Baz
Patrick Baz is French-Lebanese, born in Beirut in 1963. He was twelve when war broke out in 1975. Living near the demarcation line separating the Christian and Muslim zones, Baz was stimulated by what was going on around him to take up photography at an early age. Lebanon became his training ground. Between 1980 and 1988, he worked as a freelance photojournalist. His pictures were published in major international magazines like Paris Match, TIME, NewsWeek, Stern, Spiegel, l’Express, L’Espresso etc. In 1989, Agence France-Presse (AFP) gave him the opportunity to cover the First Intifada in Gaza and the West Bank. He also covered the First Gulf War in 1990, and later conflicts in Kurdistan, Somalia, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. Baz is currently AFP’s photo manager for the MENA region, but continues to work as a photographer on the field. He recently covered the Arab revolutions in Egypt and Libya.He sat as a member of the World Press Photo jury, the Bayeux Calvados Award for War Correspondents among other prestigious awards. Baz won two POYi (Pictures of the Year International) Award delivered by the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute at the Missouri School of Journalism. In 2009 Baz published “Don’t Take My Picture, Iraqis Don’t Cry”.

Patrick Baz, photo-reporter franco-libanais né à Beyrouth en 1963, est directeur photo de l’AFP pour le Moyen-Orient depuis 20 ans. Il n’a que 12 ans quand la guerre du Liban éclate, en 1975. Habitant près de la ligne de démarcation séparant les Chrétiens des Musulmans, Patrick Baz se met à photographier ce qui se passe autour de lui, malgré son jeune âge. Le Liban devient son terrain d’apprentissage. Entre 1980 et 1988, il travaille comme photo-journaliste freelance, ses images sont publiées dans des magazines internationaux tels que Paris Match, Time, NewsWeek, Stern, Spiegel, L’Express, etc. En 1989, l’Agence France Presse (AFP) lui donne l’opportunité de couvrir la première Intifada. Entre temps, il couvre d’autres conflits qui secouent la planète, notamment la première guerre du Golfe en 1990, le Kurdistan en 1991, la Somalie, l’enfer de Sarajevo en 1993, les guerres d’Irak et d’Afghanistan dans les années 2000 et plus récemment les soulèvements en Egypte et en Libye.

Ghada Waked
Ghada Waked is a Professor at the University of Balamand ALBA and Holy Spirit University of Kaslik. She is also President of Beirut's Biennial for the Image and founder of Albedo Creative Platform.


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